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a city of southeastern Estonia that was a member of the Hanseatic League

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Peiker, who was in charge of this cordon, it went [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] (http://www.biografija.ru/ show_bio.aspx?id=104830, accessed on 21 June 2008), thus completely blocking all direct communication between the Derpt region, where Bulgarin's estate was located, and St.
(31) A letter from the city of Dorpat (Derpt, modern-day Tartu, in Estonia) to Riga written in 1557 showed that at least some in the West (and even some among those cities allegedly most threatened by Russia) knew that that country was not as backward in terms of military technology as they acclaimed.
March 9, 1831, Derpt, Livonia province, Russian Empire [now Tartu, Estonia])
Shuvalov praising the quality of Derpt University: "so it turns out that for all the best that we have in our intelligentsia, for all of this, we are obliged solely to our Germans." (51) In August 1868, he wrote about an "aristocracy of mind (um), knowledge, talent, in a word, an aristocracy of national intelligentsia" that had taken the place of the old hereditary aristocracy throughout much of Europe.
A graduate of the university at Derpt, Kreutzwald was municipal health officer in Voru for more than 40 years.