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(music) a series of notes differing in pitch according to a specific scheme (usually within an octave)

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The MAC and MAC-R are empirically derived scales that were intended to be indirect measures of alcoholism, since neither version of the scales contain any questions obviously related to actual alcohol consumption or alcohol-related problems.
It has 150 true-false items, constituting eight primary personality scales, eight scales indicative of the adolescent's expressed concerns, and four empirically derived scales indicative of behavioral correlates of the other scales (Millon et al., 1982).
[18] The derived scales reflecting knowledge, tolerance toward people with AIDS, and perceived severity of AIDS have shown moderate to good test-retest reliability over three weeks, (r = .51 to r = .83) [19] and good internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha ranging from .67 to .79).
A one-way ANOVA was performed on each of the derived scales, and, if responses between the grade levels were significantly different (p < .01), the Scheffe multiple comparison test was performed to determine which means were significantly different (p < .05) from each other.
Results from the derived scales are presented in Table 3.
A major outcome of the study will be empirically derived scales showing typical progression of development in literacy and numeracy.