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lower the rated electrical capability of electrical apparatus

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This paper will report on the flue gas CO-AF concentrations and minimal derating potential, as well as observations on the operation of the ignition system, heat exchanger temperatures and discolorations indicative of high thermal stresses, and the high temperature limit control switches.
Now comes the piece de resistance: slew-rate derating. Because DDRx margins are so tight, timing specifications have been generated based on "clean" signals with an assumed, nominal slew rate.
The bearings deliver steady state travel speeds up to 10 ft./s (3 m/s) and accelerations to 450 ft./[s.sup.2] (150 m/[s.sup.2]), without the use of derating factors that are typically necessary with competitive products.
The convection-cooled converters are housed in a chassis mount-vented enclosure and are rated for 0-50[degrees]C operation with derating above 40[degrees]C.--Schaefer
Heavy duty operation provides 150 percent overload capacity, with derating, for the most demanding jobs.
Because of spectacular derating during the Heisei Malaise, the Japanese stock market is now trading at a multiple of some 17x, which is the lowest since 1975, and lower than the US market, a factoid that would be unthinkable in the mid-80s.
It is based on the Danfoss VVC+ control strategy and enables the motor to be run at full load/speed without any motor derating requirement.
With a built-in characterization engine for derating delays for voltage drop, CoolTime augments existing timing library formats for accurate timing analysis.
The UL-rated units feature 4000 VAC I/O isolation and operation is rated for 0[degrees] to 45[degrees]C without forced cooling or output power derating.
IPC-2221 states, "The temperature rise of a conductor is defined as the temperature (above ambient) as a function of current." It also states that the curves include a nominal 10% derating (on a current basis) to compensate for normal variations in etching techniques, copper thickness, conductor width estimates and cross-sectional area.
GFOI is triggered when a generating unit is not operating due to a forced outage or derating and the price of electricity is in excess of a defined strike price.
According to Caterpillar, for industrial diesel engines, "most intermittent and continuous ratings are applicable to at least 1,320 m (5,000 ft) elevation without derating." However, it is recommended that manufacturers always be consulted for specific high altitude applications.
The converters are encapsulated and operate without derating or heat sinking over their full specified temperature range.
Designed to lift 2 tonnes before derating at 9m high lifts, the truck will work in 1.8m wide aisles, allowing for 180 mast and front steering wheel swivel.