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the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918

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510, 1; "England und der Kaiser," Frankfurter Zeitung, 30 October 1908, no.
Caught the eye in '66 but Der Kaiser's finest hour was leading West Germany to glory on home soil eight years later.
(with that Quinella strikes Dee-Dee over the head with a sarrusophone) Now bringem Der Kaiser der mapderkanoodle or you vill be hiztory!
For example, in '36 the Mussolini Cup for foreign film went to "Der Kaiser von Kalifornien," a German biopic about a Western European ("mit a tik awkcent") who flees to California and ultimately gains political power.
(14.) Reiner Pommerin, Der Kaiser und Amerika: Die USA in der Politik der Reichsleitung, 1890-1917 (Cologne, Vienna, 1986), 292-93; Ekkehard Mai, "Prasentation und Reprasentativitat--interne Probleme deutscher Kunstausstellungen im Ausland (1900-1930)," Zeitschrift fur Kulturaustausch 31(1981):112-13.
Der Kaiser. Outsmarted even Bobby Moore in terms of reading the game and had pace as well.
Rathenau, Der Kaiser: Eine Betrachtung (Berlin, 1919), esp.
Der Kaiser von Atlantis, by Viktor Ullmann, at the Cincinnati May Festival.
Der Kaiser reist ins Heilige Land: Die Palastinareise Wilhelms II.
Despite this, there are some outstanding contributions, including for instance Jean Bollack's study of modernity in Hofmannsthal's Oedipus plays with reference back to Peladan, Hartung, and Willebrandt; Else Dengel-Pelloquin's elegant comparison of body language and modernity in Der Kaiser und die Hexe and Maeterlinck's Pelleas et Melisande; Gerhard Neumann's study of Hofmannsthal's poetology in 1902 (Chandos Letter) and 1907 ('Wege und Begegnungen') seen through the eyes of Botho Strauss's concept of 'Beginnlosigkeit'.
He described his war experiences in Des Kaisers Kulis (1930; The Kaiser's Coolies), Zwolf Mann und ein Kapitan (1930; "Twelve Men and a Captain"), Der Kaiser ging, die Generale blieben (1932; The Kaiser Goes, the Generals Remain), Der 10.
DIDIER DESCHAMPS is the third man to win the World Cup as both a player and a manager - after Brazil's Mario Zagallo and Germany's 'Der Kaiser' Franz Beckenbauer.
Les mamelles de Tiresias is a survivor's opera, buoyant in its surreal farce, written in the aftermath of Paris's liberation from Nazi rule, the work of a man whose "survival" had been, by wartime standards, fairly comfy and urbane; Der Kaiser von Atlantis is the product of a man on borrowed time, darker and more biting, composed at the euphemistically dubbed "model settlement" of Theresienstadt the year before he was sent to his death at Auschwitz.