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a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water


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As the order to fire the depth-charge throwers had not been given, these men, keen to do their duty and attack the enemy, assailed the passing U-boat with a rather unconventional weapon of war--empty coke bottles, which were stored there by the canteen manager
Steaming over that vessel's location, the cutter made three depth-charge attacks before losing contact.
In 1988, when Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson called for stepped-up depth-charge attacks on suspected subs, a Soviet general tried the be-my-guest approach: "Bomb us, by all means.
The sub surfaced, and within an hour, the flooding caused by the initial depth-charge attack was fixed, the hatches were open, the engines were running, and the crew was starting to revive.
After dropping multiple depth-charge pat terns, the Higbee was directed to remain at the point of contact for 72 hours.
It's believed the U-boat was sunk by a depth-charge from a Sunderland flying boat.
Whether wistfully recalling his young son's first haircut or maintaining an unflappable cool during a grueling depth-charge attack, he is everything a submarine captain should be.
If a first torpedo failed to sink a ship, he returned relentlessly to finish it off after waiting out the inevitable depth-charge attacks by frustrated escorts.