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a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water


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Depth charges were used in conjunction with ASDIC, later known as sonar, which had been fitted in many of the Royal Navy's smaller warships in 1939.
The depth charges had blown the submarine to the surface.
Proudly known as 'STINGRAY', Pakistan Navy Z9EC helicopters are equipped with state of art Radar & Dipping Sonar and armed with torpedoes and depth charges; and designed to hunt enemy submarines.
Hundreds of companies, many of which survive today, were enlisted to make everything from jerry cans to depth charges.
Americans were dropping 'practice' depth charges. In the world above the waves, the Americans knew
For 10 long hours, the ship released depth charges into the churning sea, finally forcing the damaged sub to surface at 10.40pm.
They had two depth charge [anti-submarine weapon] throwers on each side of the ship and cages of depth charges on the quarterdeck, where they would roll off the stern when required.
The spy in the sky is also one of the most deadly planes in the air as it can carry a lethal battery of missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes, bombs, depth charges and mines.
Weapons: Bombs, anti-ship missiles, supersonic low-altitude missiles, land-attack missiles, depth charges, sonar buoys, torpedoes
P3Cs-Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, known as Flying Destroyers are fitted with Anti-Surface Missiles, Anti-Submarine Torpedoes, Depth Charges, Bombs, and Mines.
THE Finnish navy has been chasing "an underwater object" which it has failed to identify, forcing it to drop depth charges to warn the intruder it had been detected, officials said.
"We released 180 depth charges going and 96 coming bacK," he said.
Harry worked as secretary to the captain and relayed messages as the ship sent depth charges down to sink German Uboats.
This will involve carrying torpedoes, depth charges, SLAM-ER anti-ship missiles, and other weapons.
The crew of the badly damaged bomber jettisoned their searchlight and depth charges and struggled back to Shetland with no hydraulic or electric power, brakes, intercom or radio.