buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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There are limited signs of recovery within 2010, and Cyprus will continue to experience a depressed market," Loizou said, adding that, "big declines in the Cyprus market are related to foreign buyers and their intention to buy holiday homes (the revival of their domestic economy is essential before proceeding with buying a holiday home in Cyprus).
Holland said that operating losses suffered by Dominion Bridge in 1993 as the result of severely depressed markets "should be arrested in 1994 because of the positive impact from the new structure and from an improving economy.
For the many experienced real estate people who can't find enough to do in today's depressed markets, an interesting new career opportunity is opening up in the growing field of professional real estate counseling, until recently the exclusive occupation of a few acknowledged experts.
It should be emphasized that deferred sale of investments during periods of depressed markets is often in the shareholders' interest.
Our future success depends heavily on the ability of our pulp, paper and packaging operations to be highly profitable when currently depressed markets turn around," Creighton said.
The survey also revealed that depressed markets have not reached their lowest points, and that the supply of office space has peaked at a time when demand is at its lowest in a decade, particularly in the United States, U.