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a chemical process that combines several monomers to form a polymer or polymeric compound

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This indicates the depolymerization of the silicate networks ([Q.sup.3] Si-O-NBO) due to the addition of Ti[O.sub.2], and it can provide changes in the connectivity of the networks [38-41].
Through the company's depolymerization technology, the feedstock is completely broken down into its monomers: dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and monoethylene glycol (MEG)--without adding heat or pressure.
Mechanism of depolymerization and severing of actin filaments and its significance in cytoskeletal dynamics.
Glycolytic depolymerization of PET waste using MP-diol and utilization of recycled product for UV-curable wood coating--V.
Production of extracellular enzymes plays an important role in polymer degradation through depolymerization, where the polymer is broken down into smaller subunits [30] which are then enzymatically degraded into intermediary products that can be assimilated into microbial cells [31] and utilized as carbon sources leading to production of energy, water, carbon dioxide, and methane in the case of anaerobic respiration [32].
Hsieh, "Kinetic study of acid depolymerization of chitosan and effects of low molecular weight chitosan on erythrocyte rouleaux formation," Carbohydrate Research, vol.
In Rubus fruits, predominant changes in ripening include (1) depolymerization of carbohydrates, specifically, degradation of starches into sucrose and then into glucose and fructose; (2) decrease in organic acids, including amino acids; (3) production of volatile compounds, such as alcohols and aldehydes; and (4) accumulation of anthocyanins but depletion of cinnamic, ferulic, protocatechuic, and vanillic acids and epicatechin [5].
Firstly, the occurrence of polysaccharide depolymerization and the modification of cell wall polysaccharide intermolecular interactions (Table 2) suggested that cell wall polysaccharide network might be disorganized and misaligned to certain extent due to the drying process.
In that case, the characteristics of the substrate may generate a reaction inside the cells, and the reaction is led by a reorganization of the F-actin structuring and the modulation of actin dynamics, like polymerization/ depolymerization cycles.
Sub- and supercritical fluids have been studied as solvents or reaction media for the depolymerization of polymers for the past decade, and these fluids display the combined characteristics of both gas and liquid solvents, and provide a medium that possesses liquid-like densities and gas-like viscosities and diffusivities.
Paraformaldehyde, which is a product of the polymerization of formaldehyde, undergoes slow depolymerization in the tooth cavity.
This "chemical recycling" technology is based on depolymerization of post-consumer polystyrene waste, which is expected to result in new virgin, high-quality polystyrene ultimately for food-related uses.
Taxanes inhibit mitosis by decreasing the depolymerization of ss-tubulin.1,2 There are several studies showing improved overall survival (OS) with TBR while some patients may not respond to this treatment.