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eliminate the polarization of

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Caption: Figure 3: Inhibition of nitidine (NTD) accumulation into mitochondria by treatment of mitochondrial membrane depolarizer. A549 cells were treated with or without 50 [micro]M of carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenyl hydrazone (CCCP) for 1 h.
In the future, we will assess the impact of the depolarizer that was added in 2016 on If and its uncertainty.
This is a polarizer of some type to control the polarization of the incident light, or a depolarizer if we needed to imitate naturally polarized light.
DI = 1 corresponds to non-depolarizing Mueller matrices and DI = 0 corresponds to an ideal depolarizer. The numerator represents the Euclidean distance from the ideal depolarizer to the nondepolarizing Mueller matrix.
The stand for conoscopic examinations includes an integrated depolarizer and a rotary analyzer.
The team has developed critical components and technologies which include fiber optic components- depolarizer phase, modulators, couplers, sensor coil, integrated optic components, light sources, photo detectors, assembly techniques, and automatic manufacturing technology for component fabrication and fiber optic gyro assembly.