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In practice, a method can only be depletive if the SCR for a contaminant used in a desorption experiment is factors or magnitudes greater than 1 (i.e., SCR >> 1).
reported that high-dose proton pump inhibitor therapy had a depletive effect on lower gastrointestinal duplication bleeding.
These places are for a reined bohemianism, not the materialistic depletive of all things springbreaker, but the quality one, the pacesetter for a hard day's night.
The majority of his sculptures--particularly the seven based on prime knots--steadfastly-flout math-textbook ideals of depletive clarity.
When recipients are submitted to depletive protocols, they are protected against graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), since immunodepletive agents eliminate graft-derived alloreactive T cells.
After mentioning the most important conditions that must be present for the treatment of'Water illnesses' (shuibing) and especially for the treatment of oedemas and swellings using the xue, he describes the successful therapy of four patients suffering from cardiac oedema, hepatic oedema, nephrotic oedema and depletive oedemas.