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a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element

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These experts also explain that depleted uranium projectiles are used by A10 airplanes to destroy the armor of tanks.
A World Health Organisation report on depleted uranium described it as a "mildly radioactive metal," stating: "Potentially, depleted uranium has both chemical and radiological toxicity with the two target organs being the kidneys and the lungs." The Foreign Office was invited to comment.
"The use of banned weapons" by the US-led military alliance in the Balkans "was a violation of all the international conventions and rules that protect people" from such kind of weapons, the lawyer claimed, adding that NATO also used depleted uranium in Iraq in 1991.
"I can confirm the use of depleted uranium," Jacques said.
Environmental groups argue depleted uranium should not be treated as low-level waste but instead reclassified as a hotter type of hazardous material.
Depleted uranium: All the questions about DU and Gulf War syndrome are not yet answered.
Depleted uranium has been linked to increases in cancers and birth defects in Iraq.
"The investigation has shown there is no scientific proof and essentially no confirmation that fine dust contaminated with depleted uranium has been dispersed."
Similar dramatic increases in birth defects over a longer period have been recorded in Iraq and have been linked to widespread use of depleted uranium weapons.
The byproduct of this process is depleted uranium. In the reactor, neutrons collide with U-235, which fissions, releasing energy and additional neutrons that set off a chain reaction.
The bars had allegedly contained depleted uranium, he said.
Reports have emerged that the UK used depleted uranium weapons during the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Energy Department to allow a trainload of depleted uranium from South Carolina to come to the state, but only for temporary storage, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.
THE Black Country coroner is locked in a bitter war of words with the Ministry of Defence over the death of a Walsall soldier who was exposed to depleted uranium.