Department of Transportation

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the United States federal department that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs

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Among the other possible improvements that could make hazardous materials trucks safer that the Department of Transportation has chosen to ignore: anti-lock brakes, a better internal compartment system to prevent the liquid in tankers from violently sloshing around and causing the truck to roll over; technology to keep the top and bottom ports of tankers from springing a leak when such rollovers do occur; and steel head shields like those used to such great effect on tram tank cars.
The bill died in a Senate-House conference committee, leaving enforcement up to the Department of Transportation.
The payments for lease obligations and certificates of participation issued by the Maryland Department of Transportation and MEDCO are intended to derive from (but are not limited to) appropriations from the state's transportation trust fund.
The funds are) not being used immediately but we have plans to use the money,'' said Wayne Moore, assistant general manager at the Department of Transportation.
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has worked "to provide a neutral playing field for recycled and virgin aggregates," according to the report.
This funding will allow Asbury Park to rehabilitate its streets, improving safety and traffic flow, while relieving local residents of the burden of shouldering this investment themselves," said Department of Transportation Commissioner Jack Lettiere.
But his EIR has been stalled for more than a year, hung up by the DWP and awaiting Department of Transportation approval of his traffic study.
4M square feet of office space for the Department of Transportation, which will be moving from its current location.
Bland of the South Carolina Department of Transportation, Chester, S.
The Department of Transportation combines several government entities including the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Railroad Administration among others, and keeping these separate organizations connected under the department's unified management would be difficult without a dedicated wireless infrastructure.
There currently are 36 delinquent tickets written against city vehicles, said Robert Andalon, a management analyst for the Department of Transportation.
New York City's Department of Design and Construction, in partnership with the Department of Transportation, is holding an international design competition for a new street light for the City of New York.
California Department of Transportation, et al, case, and the second one appealing Judge Connelly's (1) Order denying appellants' Motion for Preliminary Injunction and (2) Order sustaining Respondents' Demurrers Without Leave to Amend in the Voices for Rural Living, Chrysan Dosh, et al v.
Added Ray Lampkin, deputy chief of the Special Operations Division in the city Department of Transportation Parking Enforcement Bureau: ``You have to be pretty twisted to park in a space for people who are legitimately disabled.
Now, thanks to the efforts of Guy Molinari, the City's Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Transportation, the St.
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