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the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States

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The Department of Energy was responsible for evaluating the claims of workers made sick from toxic exposure, and for helping them apply for workers' compensation from their state programs.
Contact: Diana Enright, Oregon Department of Energy, phone 503-378-8278.
This notion has been hinted at from within the Department of Energy, which issued a task-force review of the National Ignition Facility in February 1995.
The Department of Energy doesn't harbor the same fears as the Idaho National Guard.
The public) should be concerned about what else may be there that Boeing and the Department of Energy hasn't found yet.
Already the Department of Energy has selected the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Spring City, Tennessee, to produce an ounce of tritium in an eighteen-month test run beginning this fall.
One solution sought by the Department of Energy is in improving the efficiency of HVAC systems that use electric motors.
Department of Energy to comply with its stringent decontamination goals.
The Department of Energy had a record of secrecy and deception unsurpassed within the Federal bureaucracy.
Department of Energy in Washington State, were jointly recognized.
The verbal commitment by the head of the nuclear workers' compensation program came after the Daily News reported in Wednesday editions that the region was being shortchanged in program services, despite up to 6,000 former Rockwell International workers who did Department of Energy contract work for decades and now could be eligible for $150,000 each and lifetime medical benefits.
Department of Energy has identified electrolyzer capital costs as a major barrier to the competitiveness of hydrogen fuel for transportation.
In the typical American household, the refrigerator accounts for at least 10 percent of the energy bill, according to the Department of Energy.
Department of Energy, to encourage Americans to consider the energy they use and to switch to light bulbs and fixtures that have earned the government's ENERGY STAR for energy efficiency.
Elton Gallegly, R-Oxnard, pushed the EPA to take over the survey after community outrage over the fact that a key component of the Rocketdyne facility's cleanup was being left in the hands of the Department of Energy, which oversaw nuclear energy and rocket fuel research at the site.
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