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On the hill slopes there are frequent areas covered by regosols and erodisols (which together make up for 25-30% of the pedologic stratum) caused by the pedo-geomorphological denudational processes affecting the hills.
Thus, we preclude the possibility of long-term denudational unloading from having a significant influence on the tectonic tilting of the range.
There is a large discrepancy between the size of the altitudinal range occupied by the uppermost surface and those described at lower elevations; the large altitudinal range may be caused by (i) the erosional destruction of a suite of sub-horizontal denudational surfaces, which has meant that no clear signature of this suite remains visible within the altitude-frequency histograms or (ii) a previously widespread sub-horizontal denudation surface has been subjected to tilting, which has caused its altitudinal range to become elongated in the histogram.
The Trosky hill is comprised from olivinic nefelinite with denudational rests of Coniacian calcareous clays.