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A total of 467 dentists were included with experience ranges from 1-30 years.
For the fourth time, dental working patterns information has also been produced; this relates to dentists who performed some health service activity in 2014/15 and 2015/16.
The directory not only contains a list of top dentists in Kane County but their areas of specialization as well.
The Dentists goes behind the scenes of the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, delving into the intimate relationship between patients and dentists.
Because of my history of smoking, dentists play an important part in my life.
Dentist Direct has been formed to offer dentists a route towards running their own business, opening practices throughout the UK in prime arterial road locations with high visibility signage and car parking.
Nearly 70 percent of dentists have taken care of patients who tried to treat their own dental problem before visiting the dentist.
THE average income for dentists in Wales now stands at pounds 122,400 but is still less than their equivalents in England, figures released yesterday have shown.
You have also talked about how working with dentists in the community can increase lab revenues through the follow up oral appliance titration study.
Such is the hope of a growing number of dentists who are turning their practices into "dental spas" that offer such perks as fresh-baked cookies and overstuffed couches, and such services as body waxing, facials, massage and pedicures.
Almost eight out of ten dentists in Birmingham are to cut down on National Health Service work because of controversial new contracts.
Now in an updated second edition, America's Cosmetic Doctors & Dentists is a straightforward reference and resource intended especially for any individual considering cosmetic surgery.
Dentists are happy to explain what is going to happen to show children the surgery equipment.
ELLESMERE Port and Neston was last night revealed as having the fewest NHS dentists to serve the local population.
All areas here, with the exception of Newcastle and North Tees, have seen a fall in NHS dentists, in line with a bleak national picture.