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The premaxillary and anterior dentary alveoli are large, but the fourth dentary and the first maxillary are the largest alveoli (Figures 4A, B and C).
diaconus; symphyseal knob short and not prominent (length of dentary symphysis 2.6-5.7% HL) versus well-developed (4.0-7.0% HL).
In relation to the dermatocranium, other bony elements start to ossify; these include the prefrontal, the frontal, the parietal, the supratemporal, the palatine, the dentary and the surangular (Table 2).
The more posterior maxillary and dentary teeth of Scoloparia have transversely aligned, chisel-like tooth crowns that bear three cusps when unworn rather than only two as in most procolophonids.
George (2012) also identified several synapomorphic characters of the dentary bone for the tribe Notiosoricini.
The PCS specimen INSM consists of the posterior portion of a left dentary with m2, the empty alveoli for m3, and the complete ascending ramus and jaw condyle (Figures 1-7).
Maxillary and dentary teeth present toward posterior edges of jaws.
Other structures that have been suggested for use in estimating the size of fish prey include: cleithra, jaw bones (i.e., dentary, premaxillary, maxilla), pectoral spines, pharyngeal teeth, opercula and otoliths (Hamilton, 1961; Hansel et al., 1988; Prenda and Granado-Lorencio, 1992; Dellinger and Trillmich, 1999; Granadeiro and Silva, 2000; Noordhuis, 2002; Copp and Kovac, 2003; Hajkova et al., 2003; Ross et al., 2005).
The specimen (PTRM 1600) consists of a partial left dentary with a m2 and was assigned to the genus Ankylodon.
The following anatomical elements were primarily used for identification: premaxilla, dentary, maxilla, articular, and quadrate.