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Canines of outer row teeth on dentary diminish only slightly posteriorly; inner row consisting of 3 of 4 recurved canines on each side of symphysis.
magister, however, the robust nature of the anterior portion of the fossil dentary, and the appearance of the dental shelf and meckel's groove are most similar to that species.
Dentary bones (the most abundant structure recovered) predicted mean (Table 2) and modes (FL 44 50 cm) similar to those predicted from all structures.
Acestrocephalus ginesi differs from all other Acestrocephalus species by the combination of the following characters: anal fin, iv + 25 - 32 (iii + 27 in one specimen and v + 25 in other specimen); 63 - 71 perforated scales on lateral line; 10 - 12 scales above, 9 - 12 below lateral line; 39 - 52 teeth on maxillary; 9 - 12 premaxillary teeth; 8 - 12 teeth in inner dentary row; 5 - 7 gill rakers on lower part of first gill arch; humeral blotch absent; dark blotch on caudal peduncle fin weak to absent; vestiges of small dark spot at origin of dorsal fin; tip of lower jaw with scattered dark melanophores, especially in small specimens (52 mm SL or less).
fronticinctus by Randall & Dooley (1974), including 4 pores on each dentary, 5 pores on preopercular margin, 8 pores in area immediately above preoperculum-operculum, 9 circumorbital pores, and 4 supraorbital-snout pores; median interorbital pore absent.
Head with many small pores, in poor condition in all specimens; anterior end of supraorbital canal as broad slit pore on tip of snout at edge of upper lip, large pore slightly above and medial to posterior nare, large pore over eye; lachrymal with large anterior pore near flat posterior nare opening, two large ventral slit pores along edge of lachrymal; anterior portion of dentary with dentary (anterior) and mental (ventral) pores, large articular pore; supratemporal canal with posterior canals extending almost to base of first dorsal fin over anterior predorsal scale.
Described by Dong (1973), this partial skull is comprised of a fragmentary left maxilla and a nearly complete left dentary, and is from the poorly constrained Lianmugin Formation (?