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The data reveals that deployed dental treatment facilities are significantly more efficient when the assistant to dental officer ration is greater than 1:1.
Alan Wilks, finance director of RLBUHT, said: "It's a national initiative so the drive for all of this comes from the DoH and the Chief Dental Officer.
Julie Fitzgerald, a dental officer of Woolsington Village, Newcastle.
The Government's deputy chief dental officer, Barry Cockroft, is to visit the city to help launch Sunderland Primary Care Trust's oral health strategy.
Professor Raman Bedi, chief dental officer for England, said: "We are committed to improving the service nationally and locally and have made a good start but we need to maintain the momentum.
The dad-of-three and one-time RAF dental officer was "Officer in Charge, Football" at two air bases.
September 28, 1979 A survey of five-year-olds starting school at Lindley showed that fluoride was beginning to turn the tide in the battle against teeth decay, according to area dental officer Mrs Marion Hayes.
Chief Dental Officer for Wales David Thomas said: "These figures have been broadly stable over recent years.
The clinical procedures performed by students are under the direct supervision of highly qualified instructors, which include a Registered Dental Hygienist and Advanced Oral Hygiene Therapists, with oversight by a licensed Air Force dental officer. A ratio of two students to one instructor ensures that each student receives the individual attention he or she deserves.
Court John Charlton, a prominent member of the City Council's controlling Labour group, earned between.pounds 24,450 and pounds 25,910 a year as full-time district dental officer for neighbouring Sandwell.
Mr D Edwards, from Wirral, is married to a dentist, and wrote: "I would relish seeing Mr Gleeson explain to my wife, a senior dental officer in the community dental service and a paediatric specialist, where she fits into the category 'greedy beggar' or what particular 'dodgy moral ground' she stands on.
The Government's chief dental officer last night accused Midland NHS dentists of scaremongering over a shake-up of the profession.
Julie, a senior dental officer for special care patients at South Tyneside Primary Care Trust, and Mike, a naval architect, both attended State schools, but wanted Emily to have the opportunities that they didn't get.
Dame Margaret Seward, chief dental officer for England, officially opened the new offices of the Dental Health Foundation in East Union Street, after its move from Eastlands Place.
VHI Dental's chief dental officer John Haughey said: "Obviously it is a special time of the year and we hope that most people don't contemplate starting the day with a chocolate breakfast at any other time.