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Synonyms for explorer

Synonyms for explorer

someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)

a commercial browser

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The discoloration of teeth was not scrapable by dental explorer. No pigmentation was observed on the oral mucosa and other soft tissues.
After that, the FS (Seal Rite, Pulp Dent, USA) was applied over that with a dental explorer and then light cured for 90s.
In North America, caries is often diagnosed using tactile (often with use of a dental explorer), visual (light and magnification), and radiographic means.
All patients were then subjected to an oral exami- nation which was carried out using a mirror, dental explorer and dental tweezers by two calibrated dentists.
Both right and left maxillary lateral incisors were carefully examined for the presence and extension of PGGs and the presence of caries in the grooves, using a mouth mirror and dental explorer. The groove extension was categorized into coronal grooves (coronal to cement enamel junction), and apical grooves (extended to the root, beyond the cement enamel junction).