dental caries

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soft decayed area in a tooth

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Several characteristics were significantly associated with utilization for both races at the bivariate level (Table 2): approach to dental care, ability to pay an unexpected dental bill, toothache or abscess, dental cavities, and broken filling.
Dentists repair damaged teeth by preparing, filling and drilling dental cavities. They replace missing teeth with crowns and dentures and fit braces to help straighten twisted or cracked teeth.
For years, studies have indicated that the antioxidants in green tea offer protection against diseases, including cancer, and even fight dental cavities. One of the most beneficial of these antioxidants is called epigallocatechin gallate.
"Research has shown that fluoride can reduce dental cavities by 50pc and that is a huge benefit to be losing out on."
When a resident has dental cavities, bacteria multiply even faster.
Eklund said untreated dental cavities often result in bacterial infections migrating from the mouth into the bloodstream.
Over 50% of Liverpool children have dental cavities by the time they reach the age of five.
Navazesh, for example, is working on a project that uses saliva to determine a kid's chances of developing dental cavities.
But hieroglyphic carvings suggest she donned a royal headdress and false beard, and proclaimed herself pharaoh.But the powerful woman who challenged ancient Egypt's tradition of male supremacy might have experienced very poor health, at least in the last part of her life.Examination of the mummy's mouth and her missing molar, which led to her identification as Hatshepsut, revealed very poor dental hygiene."Her mouth shows the presence of many dental cavities, periapical (root) inflammation and pockets," Ashraf Selim, the radiologist at Cairo University who examined the mummy, told Discovery News.
The results of their human study, presented in the March 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, suggest that although leaching does occur, sealants are still a safe means of preventing dental cavities.
Studies have also revealed that erythritol prevents dental cavities. (See "Suppliers Corner" for more information on Zsweet's shrink sleeve packaging from Ameri-Seal.)
has partnered with a global taskforce established by a World Health Organization (WHO) unit to help eliminate dental cavities among children around the world.
[28-31], observed that patients who used HAART had a much lower occurrence of dental cavities than patients who did not use this therapy.
Oral probiotics, combined with vigorous and attentive oral hygiene (and of course, regular checkups), show promise for reducing not only dental cavities, halitosis, and upper respiratory infections, but also for modulating the burden of chronic inflammation that can lead to atherosclerosis, the metabolic syndrome, and cancer.