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the outcome of a complex sequence of events

the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work

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Heroic history, in Sahlins more abstract model, has three moments--instantiation, denoument and totalisation.
It was like watching the denoument of the NBA finals, or the PGA Tour.
The bizarre finish was was tough luck on the home side, who could have snatched victory even before the final farcical denoument.
But the obsession with that dramatic denoument obscures the broader question that companies ought to be asking themselves, which is this: Given its unique role, how can the board, on a continuing basis, provide significant and sustainable value to the enterprise, to its leaders, and, ultimately, to its shareholders?
Steel, the denoument in these cases transpired over a period of several decades, and raises troubling questions with respect to antitrust policy: Are these outcomes mere historical accidents?
The dynamics that TV images provide mean that, instead of giving us just a snapshot to identify with, we can get an entire drama, with plot and character development, structure of crisis, climax and denoument, all in thirty seconds.
Given this denoument, Dennett's habit of ridiculing humanists for their reluctance to face the cold, hard facts of cultural Darwinism is incomprehensible.
As the region continues to diversify economically, and as population shifts more towards a multi-hued Southern working class, the sad denoument to Botsch's history of the Brown Lung Association may turn out to be more of a prologue than a conclusion.
The tour's serious business had come to an end; the denoument of the outing featured a major seafood spread at a Laurium harborside restaurant, There was a good breeze off the water, and more pleasant talk, the amazing varieties of sea phyla grilled or baked or cold-marinated in oil (you want an octopus tentacle fixed in some way?
30) With Rosette, she goes to the brink of some dramatic event, but that event would no doubt be an anti-climax, the piercing of the disguise, the loss of the heterosexual model: "un quart d'heure plus tard, le diable m'emporte si je sais le denoument qu'aurait pu avoir cette aventure -- je n'y vois pas de possible.