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Synonyms for denotation

Synonyms for denotation

the act of indicating or pointing out by name


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the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

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It involves semantic change in which the denotative meaning of a word becomes narrowed, less general or less inclusive over time.
The denotative meaning of the Monemvasia house, in front of which I stand, crashes against the object itself ...
A denotative meaning of the term "Sinophone," as used by Sau-ling Wong in her work on Sinophone Chinese American literature to designate Chinese American literature written in Sinitic languages, is a productive way to start the investigation of the notion in terms of its connotative meanings.
Certainly, it contributes, here, to no denotative meaning (the word 'hommes', the last of the work, would be as easily understood without it).
But when the phrase "good evening" is spoken, intonation enters the mix and an entirely different species of meaning emerges, a form of signification based on homomorphological difference This type of meaning routinely overwrites referential and denotative meaning, that is, the semantic meaning of the words.
translation) attempts to adhere to the denotative meaning, as well as
Semantic congruence concerns the fit between the denotative meaning of a lexeme (a word, compound, or idiom) in the source text and the corresponding lexeme in the target language.
Chapters describe and discuss philosophical constructs such as social justice, liberty, equality, community, and democracy, and especially dissect common misperceptions and assumptions concerning the denotative meaning of certain principles and labels.
To summarize, words and phrases that are normally experienced embedded in connotative and denotative meaning structures confront us as embedded in Internet space; a space in which words and phrases are linked by similarity of letters, simple association, Internet use and other quite particularistic characteristics.
The character itself tells its denotative meaning that performs as a mode (schema) of communication.
But the denotative meaning, the one that I am using, is that objective is something that is observable and that you can quantify in some way--it has a place, it has a description (or can be described).
To hear green would mean attending to sounds that spiral away from denotative meaning toward wordless sensation" (166).
He said that a few early poems were "pure poetry" with no denotative meaning. More generally, he paraphrased, rather dully, the doctrine of this or that poem.
The rejecters of tolerance clearly use the term tolerance in the most narrow, denotative meaning. To make their multicultural educational model work, they have to resort to such concepts as acceptance, respect, affirmation, empathy, understanding, and appreciation.
It preludes an invitation to abandon reading denotative meaning in favor of connotative meaning: