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Synonyms for Dennstaedtiaceae

one of a number of families into which Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems

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Multa Jala EC 4799 DENNSTAEDTIACEAE Pteridium aquilinum Maubu EC 4790 (L.) Kuhn EQUISETACEAE Equisetum giganteum L.
Main host plants are as follows: Pteridium sp., (Dennstaedtiaceae), Tetramerium sp., (Acanthaceae), Iresine sp., (Amaranthaceae), Asclepias curassavica (Asclepiadaceae), Heliotropium sp., (Boraginaceae), Chenopodium sp., (Chenopodiaceae), Cnidoscolus sp., (Euphorbiaceae), Eupatorium sp., (Asteraceae).
DENNSTAEDTIACEAE ** Dennstaedtia Rio Blanco, Manizales 2590 arborescens (Willd.) Ekman ex Maxon D.
Dennstaedtiaceae is represented by one genus and one variety.
EP DENNSTAEDTIACEAE (1) Dennstaedtia obtusifolia (Willd.) T.
ASPLENIACEAE: Asplenium auritum (451, Ep, S); Asplenium pteropus (452, Ep, N); ATHYRIACEAE: Diplazium sp1 (467, Ht, Na); Diplazium sp2 (468, Ht, Na); BLECHNACEAE: Blechnum cordatum (455, Ht, S); Blechnum fragile (453, Ep, N); Blechnum stipitellatum (454, Ht, S); CYATHEACEAE: Cyathea caracasana (457, Ar, S); Cyathea fulva (456, Ar, N); Cyathea meridensis (458, Ar, N); DENNSTAEDTIACEAE: Paesia glandulosa (459, Ht, S); Pteridium arachnoideum (460, Ht, S); DRYOPTERIDACEAE: Arachniodes denticulata (469, Ht, S); Elaphoglossum antioquianum (464, Ep, S); Elaphoglossum latifolium (462, Ht, S); Elaphoglossum luridum (461, Ep, N); Elaphoglossum muscosum (465, Ep, N); Elaphoglossum Sec.
Polypodiaceae Lindsaeaceae Sphenomeris clavata (L.) Maxon Sphenomeris clavata (L.) Maxon Dennstaedtiaceae Lindsaeaceae Pteridium caudatum (L.) Maxon.
38 -- Cyatheaceae Cyathea microdonta (Desv.) Domin -- 1 Cyathea pungens (Willd.) Domin 1 -- Dennstaedtiaceae Pteridium arachnoideum (Kaulf.) Maxon -- 17 Dryopteridaceae Cyclodium meniscioides (Willd.) C.Presl 127 -- var.