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United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ted Shawn (1877-1968)

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Where home is a prison, the outdoors represents freedom and the cheering bits come through the bonds the caring young Denis forges with animals ...
Denis, who died in 2005 but whose legend lives on today in SAS Regimental circles, said: "I served with some of the finest soldiers this country has ever produced.
Educated at Nelson College and Victoria University College, Denis won a Rhodes scholarship that took him to Oxford University.
Born May 8, 1938 in Three Rivers, MA, to the late Vital and Germaine Desmarais, Denis was a navy veteran, serving as a signalman on several destroyers, including The Sullivans and The USS McGowan.
Manchester Puppy Cup Keith Swain (Belle Vue): 7-4 Tudor Prince, 9-4 Droopys Luisao, 5-2 Rayvin Neasa, 12 Borna Coin, 14 Ballymac Denis, 16 Ballymac West.
Denis grew up in Benton, Newcastle, and put his studious nature to good use progressing through the city's Royal Grammar School to study medicine at Newcastle University.
Denis Waitley has inspired, informed, and enlightened millions of individuals with his fifteen non-fiction books, hundreds of audio programs, and entertaining, penetrating live keynote lectures, seminars and television appearances.
Like many others I was very shocked to hear that Denis and Kevin had left the club after the contribution they had made since 2001.
Denis "Snake" Belanger: It is a life-after-death experience, not just another VOIVOD album.
Our commercial truck and fleet vehicle departments will make sure that your vehicle or truck can handle the job," said Denis.
"Denis O'Leary and Evan Cygler are outstanding young men with a unique ability to combine what they love--cars and their community--into a fun filled and worthwhile event.
Denis says the law defines a laptop computer as "a display device that does computing." While flipping through a newspaper circular, she saw a children's toy with a pop-up screen and a keyboard comprised of images rather than words that, when pressed, make things happen on the screen.
Sir Denis, who died in June aged 88, spoke out, too, about the "treachery" which brought about his wife's downfall.
DENIS Thatcher, 87, has undergone a six-hour coronary by-pass operation, described by his doctors as 'a complete success'.
The Denis brothers of Matheson are not out to save the world, but they are hoping their new invention will save lives in the drilling industry.