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a star in Leo approximately 43 light years from Earth

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The ACC-CX3RDK-5680 add-on board along with the custom firmware developed convert the Denebola RDK to Evaluation Kit for evaluating the e-CAM58_MI5680_MOD camera module.
The victory continued the domination of trainer Pascal Bary and owners the Niarchos family in the Group One contest following the wins of Six Perfections and Denebola in the last two years.
Conducted in conjunction with the Army's fifth Force Projection Symposium, the Fort Story exercise included the Navy sealift ship USNS Denebola and virtually every type of watercraft in the Army's fleet.
The 16-1 offered by Hills in the 1000 Guineas after Denebola's Prix Marcel Boussac victory was snapped up and Pascal Bary's filly is now 12-1 for next year's Classic.
The osteospermums are Antaris, with pink, spooned petals; Denebola, purple; Solar, bright yellow; and Vega, white spooned.
They are Alpha (a) Hydrae (Alphard), Gamma (y) Leonis (Algieba), Beta ([beta]) Leonis (Denebola), and Alpha (a) Coronae Borealis (Alphecca)--with magnitudes of 1.99 (Alphard), 2.01 (Algieba), 2.14 (Denebola), and 2.22 (Alphecca).
The CX3 solution is supported by the new Denebola reference design kit from Cypress s partner, e-con Systems.
When the sky is moonless, the area between Virgo's outstretched upper hand and Denebola, Leo's tail-tip, is a wonderland for skilled telescope users.
He is a half-brother to four winners including champion Denebola and Prix Morny third Loving Kindness.
familiar names made more so by their numerous trips with Operation Iraqi Freedom cargoes: USNS Carlton, USNS Antares, USNS Cape Island, USNS Gibson, USNS Gordon, USNS Brittin, USNS Denebola, USNS Pomeroy, and USNS Benavidez ...
The likes of Denebola, Bright Abundance and Green Noon will, however, provide a stern test.
An easy starting point is the bright star Denebola at the tail end of the constellation Leo, the Lion.
The easternmost star of this triangle, Beta ([beta]) Leonis (Denebola), is now regarded as the Lion's tail tip.
He is also one of the best bred, as a half-brother to Arc winner Bago and 5f two-year-old Listed winner Beta, and a son of Moonlight's Box, an unraced half-sister to Prix Marcel Boussac winner Denebola and the daughter of another Group 1-winning juvenile in Coup De Genie.
You'll find the Coma Cluster about halfway between bright Beta (([beta]) Leonis (Denebola) and Alpha ([alpha]) Canum Venaticorum (Cor Caroli).