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3) In Dicentra, Dendromecon, and Phacelia brachyloba neither scarification, nor scarification + GA, induced germination in either room-stored or soil-stored seed.
It appears that prior to smoke exposure, Dicentra seeds require an extended period of moist after-ripening or interaction with some component of the soil environment, a phenomenon that is shared with other hard-to-germinate species such as Dendromecon and Trichostema.
Dendromecon rigida and Lotus grandiflorus, the upper limits of the data points were not exactly the same, but were quite similar, either across years for the same species or across species in the same year [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Life history and seed dispersal of Dendromecon rigida.
One plant that is a source of pride to any California gardener is Dendromecon rigida, the bush poppy.