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short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron

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Dendrites are branch-like projections in a neuron, or nerve cell that receive information or signals from other neurons.
To test the new technology, the researchers created a transparent test cell with an electrolyte--the liquid or gel-like material between the electrodes and around the separator that allows the battery to produce a current--which is known to accelerate the aging of the cathode, while encouraging dendrites to grow, enabling the researchers to monitor how this happens.
"One of the ways to slow dendrites in lithium-ion batteries is to limit how fast they charge," Tour said.Ee
Neurons in the human brain receive electrical signals from thousands of other cells, and long neural extensions called dendrites play a critical role in incorporating all of that information so the cells can respond appropriately.
The morphology of the mushy zone is similar to that of section 30-1, except for the two aspects: (1) the dendrites are more typical and clear dendritic arms are observed, and (2) the primary and secondary arm spacings are decreased (Figure 5(a)).
Two-way ANOVA indicated a significant treatment main effect for the maximal length of dendrites [[F.sub.(4,435)] = 21.86, p <0.0001], number of primary dendrites [[F.sub.(4,735)=] 17.96, p < 0.0001], and soma area [[F.sub.(4,585)] = 22.21, p < 0.0001], as well as a significant main effect of dA neuron type (i.e., F3 or NAS2 or mouse) for the maximal length of dendrites [[F.sub.(2,435)] = 31.94, p <0.0001], number of primary dendrites [[F.sub.(2,735)] = 3.89, p <0.05], and soma area [[F.sub.(2,585)] = 84.75, p < 0.0001], while interaction was never significant.
The research team, which presented its findings in a paper titled, "( Atomic structure of sensitive battery materials and interfaces revealed by cryo6electron microscopy " published Friday in the Science Journal, presented the first atomic-scale observations of dendrites.
As soot accumulates in the optically accessible resistive sensor, dendrites are readily visible.
The particles formed a smooth surface in the batteries, stopping hazardous dendrites (pictured, left) from forming and preventing short-circuits.
Mesh Production and Generation of Dendrites. The problem is idealized in a two-dimensional plane; that is, plane-stress conditions are considered in the model.
The other geological features include Manganese (Mn) dendrites, quartz veins and fractures.
An explanation may he in the dendrites [the branching tips of neurons]....
Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain, 3rd Edition
Among the most notable changes are the decrease in the size of the somata and of the dendritic trees, the thinning of the apical dendrites and the loss of dendritic spines (Torres-Fernandez et al, 2007).