Denali Fault

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a major open geological fault in Alaska

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All the data suggest that the sudden motion of tall mountains in the Alaska Range, which lies along the Denali fault, disturbed the air and created the infrasonic pulses, says Wilson.
Still, the Denali Fault Earthquake taught management and operators "alike what it is like to respond to a large-scale disaster-and how to improve the planning and preparedness processes.
Within days after the Denali Fault Earthquake, Alaska DOT&PF moved from response to recovery.
The Denali Fault crosses underneath the Richardson Highway to the east of the earthquake epicenter.
To the southeast of the epicenter, the Denali fault also runs trader the Tok Cutoff Highway.
This earthquake also marked the largest earthquake on the Denali Fault line since 1912.
Simpson explained that the Denali Fault is part of a system of cracks and folds produced by the collision of crustal plates with southern Alaska.
One that stands out is the rebuild of part of the Tok Cutoff after the 2002 Denali Fault Earthquake ripped huge gashes in the roadbed.
* Avoid special design work for the Denali Fault region.
The earthquake might elucidate the murky relation between the 400-mile-long Denali fault and other Alaskan faults, according to scientists who've begun analyzing the event and its aftershocks.
"These earthquakes are the first significant events on the Denali fault since 1912," says Jeffrey T.
3 event moved not only the Denali fault but also an ice-hidden portion of the nearby Totschunda fault.
"This design has performed very well over the years, including the 7.0 magnitude event along the Denali Fault near Tok several years ago.
The Alaska training started 10 years ago, and was most recently used after the Denali fault earthquake in 2002.
They helped repair roads damaged during the Denali Fault earthquake, he said.