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a device that can interleave two or more activities

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The obtained waveforms show that the addition of R does not affect the demux operation.
As the voltage V(R) at the resistance node is directly applied to the gate of the output transistor, I have investigated the role that may have the sizing of the series transistors on the output gate transistor and then on the demux response, with and without addition of R.
To design manufacture and test two DEMUX breadboards featuring a 50% bandwidth reconfigurability For the full description of this activity and up-to-date intended issue quarter/intended issue week information please consult the ARTES website: http://artes.
The 12 channel Mux and Demux chips, designed and fabricated by Kotura, directly couple light from laser arrays and detectors into a single fiber, greatly simplifying the packaging, and eliminating the costly need for dozens of lens, isolators, laser monitors and Thermo-Electric Coolers (TECs).
Components in the supply chain such as these new 40G mux and demux devices from Sierra Monolithics will play a key role in helping to ensure that growing traffic demands don't outstrip network capacities.
New PS8318 and PS8312 DisplayPort(TM) Demux Products Leverage Proven Advanced Equalizer and Aux Channel Link Training Combination to Assure DisplayPort Source Compliance for Desktop, Notebook, and Docking Station PC Applications
Companies join forces to demonstrate interoperability between Menara Networks' "System-in-a-Module" MSA OTN product and AMCC's OTN mapper and demux devices
The DEMUX's built-in synchronization circuit allows two or more 1385DXs to be automatically synchronized using a master/slave mode, in which the slave DEMUX synchronizes to a signal (CK16) from the master, or a slave/slave mode, in which both 1385DX's are synchronized to an external master clock (1/16 of the input clock frequency).