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a device that can interleave two or more activities

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Figure 7(a) is corresponding to the error curves by using DVG and EDVG demultiplexer. As shown in Figure 7(a), with the increase of SNR, the BER of channels are decreased, and the BER of 4 OAM channels are unequal.
I., "44-channel optical power monitor based on an echelle grating demultiplexer and a waveguide photodetector array monolithically integrated on an InP substrate," Proceedings of the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC 2003), PD371, Atlanta, USA, 2003.
* [T.sub.process] represents the time spent in both the multiplexer and demultiplexer. In [27] an RTP traffic multiplexer was implemented, and the processing time was less than 1 ms.
Chibardun recently expanded its head-end suite, purchasing the M2-AMX audio demultiplexer for 45 channels of MusicChoice(TM), commercial-free audio programming.
At the other end, a similar grating served as demultiplexer. Although the apparatus can take 22 incoming channels, the experiment stopped at 10, Olsson says, because they had no more room for lasers on the table.
"An ultra-compact photonic crystal wavelength division demultiplexer using resonance cavities in a modified Y-branch structure," Optik, 122(16): 1481-1485.
The module acts basically as a processor-configurable demultiplexer: depending on the head configuration, the module can control 16, 32, and 64 fibers, and, as such, the CAM controls how the data bursts are mapped from memory to the outputs, using a configuration register, a set of multiplexers, and a state machine that controls the shown datapath.
The Current Block (CB) and the search area are fetched from the external memory through the Demultiplexer (Demux).
For example, DVB-T [13] defines Quasierror Free (QEF) reception as less than one uncorrected error event per hour, corresponding to BER = [10.sup.-11] at the input of the MPEG-2 demultiplexer or a BER = 2 x [10.sup.-4] after Viterbi.
In order to characterize a mode convert-(de)multiplexer, one usually needs a PIC including a mode multiplexer (with input ports [I.sub.1] ~ [I.sub.4]), and a mode demultiplexer (with output ports [O.sub.1] ~ [O.sub.4]), as shown in Fig.
In 2005, Khan reported on the passband broadening of an AWG demultiplexer on Si/Si[O.sub.2] with a tapered output waveguide and an MMI coupler connected to the end of a tapered input waveguide.
This operating principle enables us to integrate all machinery for a channel selector within a 100 [micro]m square and thus offers new fluid systems such as a demultiplexer that is applicable to micrototal analysis systems.
Upon receiving the packets, the STB depacketizes the RTP data and divides the single stream of media data into the base and enhancement layer using a demultiplexer. The data in these two layers is decoded so as to recover the depth maps and the 2D video, respectively.
This performance is complemented by on-chip 1:2 or 1:1 selectable data output demultiplexer and a total power consumption of 1.4 W.