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United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion (1895-1983)

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General Dempsey, as Commander of the Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq (MNSTC-I), told The New York Times, that the Iraqi Army "will be built by the end of this calendar year." That never happened.
After regaining the light-heavyweight title, Tunney set his sights on Jack Dempsey and the heavyweight championship, but for three years he had to content himself with defeating two-dozen other fighters.
"As an entrepreneur, you see a great deal of opportunity in most situations and worry about passing up something great," says Dempsey. "You also have to be very aware of the balancing of risk and reward when you have opportunities before you.
McGrath, who was cleared of the more serious charge of deliberately not riding to obtain the best possible placing, had told Dempsey after the race that the horse had a breathing problem, but the evidence conflicted over whether the jockey divulged the information after he knew there was to be an inquiry, as the BHA claimed, or before.
SC09-1747, the court on February 4 approved the Judicial Qualifications Commission's sanctions for Dempsey's misconduct.
A 2003 graduate of Eastern Washington University, Dempsey was with Firefly/Flint--formerly Saggezza Creative--for six years.
Before assuming his position at GVA Williams, Dempsey served as vice president at JP Morgan Chase.
Throughout his career, Dempsey's passion to make a difference in the lives of youths has been rooted in that beginning.
"We very enthusiastically expand our relationship with Dempsey, and believe that they have the talent and expertise to drive sales of our resin products in the Canadian market," said Roger Haigh, North American distribution manager for the resins division of BASF.
Staff and customers in the ladies fashion department on the store's first floor watched in horror as Dempsey stabbed the shop assistant in the stomach.
"It was not uncommon for educators completing special education census counts to lay out reams of green bar paper in hallways and cross check and hand count names," recalls Sam Dempsey, division director exceptional children programs for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Schools.
He had worked with Ann Dempsey for 10 years in her capacity as a salesperson at a retail plumbing showroom.
The dramatic events of February 9 were recounted at Swansea Crown Court at the trial of Darryl Dempsey.
Or they might just be honouring one of the all-time greats, Jack Dempsey.