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the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations

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Among the marketing departments top demographic targets this fall will be "Young Invincibles." These young adults, between the ages of 18 and 34 may think health insurance is too costly for a product they do not think they need.
To know where the 'demand' is, they have to have their demographic targets, determine who are their prospective clients, and keep a databank of their economic status, and education, among others.
In May 2015, Telerax announced it was integrating Nielsen's Twitter TV Ratings into its system, the aim being to give advertisers the ability to reach specific demographic targets in real time on the second screen thanks to programmatic buying, via fixed and mobile networks and social media.
There has been demand for traditional toys and games across all demographic targets. However, traditional toys and games from China tend to increase every year.
While you develop marketing strategies for your different demographic targets, you can refine your omnichannel approach to a more comprehensive and consultative way of selling products that cultivates relationships.
It's even more lopsided against those who may not realize they and their children are highly coveted demographic targets for junk food marketing.
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