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a group of people having approximately the same age

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Numerous studies have been performed worldwide to see the demographic profile of cleft lip and palate deformities.
[H.sub.01]: There is no significant relationship between the employees' demographic profile and their job satisfaction as measured by the Job Descriptive Index.
Regarding Sabic's operations in Europe, Al Mady said it will continue to play an active role in the region, striving to maintain its in-market manufacturing presence, providing technology from a growing innovative portfolio, and utilizing the optimal value chain to develop solutions to both Europe's shifting demographic profile and exportable goods and technologies.
In recent years, the islands of the Caribbean have been making a steadily larger contribution to the demographic profile of the city and Central Massachusetts.
Mukherjee said that the evolving demographic profile of India, with two-third of its population expected to be in the working age group by 2025, presents "before us an opportunity for greater development."
I feel there is an opportunity for a new Dubai radio station to be born to address the currently ignored over-40s age group, (my age) which, from the many business forums I belong to is an increasing segment of Dubai's population and where the vast majority of my fellow key decision makers sit in terms of demographic profile.
All else equal, its demographic profile will severely hamper future growth and consumption.
But the bigger picture, Willett says, is that it's more important for developers to understand a specific market's demographic profile so that they can formulate the correct unit-type mix to serve that market.
Russia's top-heavy demographic profile has left it with a large percentage of older pilots who are now retiring.
Gareth Dougherty, acquisitions manager for Debenhams, said: "Lichfield has been on our radar for some time with its location and demographic profile.
This report examines the Indian traveler population, including their demographic profile, travel and spend behavior, and a range of travel-related activities in which they participate.
So it's the same demographic profile, and they're very interested."
South Dakota's demographic profile is such that, with the exception of Native American students, there are fewer than 500 students in the racial/ethnic subgroups at the various grade levels, and therefore these groups are too small to count for this study.
He said he wanted to understand better the demographic profile of India's population, which was an issue of major interest around the world today.
The graphs illustrate essential data about applications, admissions, enrollment, retention, and graduation rates; and provide a comprehensive demographic profile of the current student population including ethnic-racial identity, gender, and age.
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