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the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations

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As we show at the end of this section, the CCR Method also satisfies the fundamental demographic equation. However, it has far less intensive input data requirements than does the cohort-component method.
An attitude to Muslims that verge on Islamaphobia, a pathological hatred for conversions to Christianity - both seen as disturbing the demographic equation in India to overwhelm the Hindu majority- take the traditional national culture of feudalism and patriarchy to a new and explosive level.
According to him, such a solution would remove Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip from the demographic equation that Israel faces and would end the occupation and the expansion of settlements, as this "runs contrary to the need to establish a Palestinian state in order to prevent the creation of a de facto one state, which will obliterate Israel's Jewish national identity."
First, Israel must resolve the conflict with the Palestinians based on a two-state solution, which would remove Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza from the demographic equation that Israel faces today.
Their findings indicated that the demographic equation and the NART predicted scores were similar in the community participants, but NART predicted scores were significantly less accurate in the TBI group (30% showed a large discrepancy between their scores).