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the action of making something democratic

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Conversations about democratic reform are stirring in Newfoundland and Labrador.
With the election just months away, this is no time for Myanmar to retreat on democratic reform.
It's clear that Egypt and other Arab Spring nations were unprepared for democratic reforms after decades of autocratic rule and political oppression, and cynics argue the Middle East is incapable of sustained democratic reform.
Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou on Monday commemorated the 23rd anniversary of the bloody crackdown on protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, by calling on authorities in China to respect human rights and carry out democratic reforms.
AIPMC believes this is a key opportunity to encourage tangible change and democratic reform in Myanmar.
Officials say the new constitution is the first step in a process of democratic reform and that protesters should work with authorities to change the country.
"The multilateral bodies today need a democratic reform so that they can give a voice and a chance to all.
His failures have been more due to a political system that halts true democratic reform, argues Eric Alterman: chapters pinpoint how this works, revise and update Alterman's 2010 essay on the subject, and analyzes all aspects of the political system to show how government structures have blocked Obama from carrying out his democratic promises.
It said that the Kurdistan Parliament is with "openness, democratic and peace process" and it hoped that such decision would not stall democratic reform.
The protests were organised by students seeking democratic reform.
Democratic reform in Africa; its impact on governance & poverty alleviation.
ROMAN Catholic bishops in Zimbabwe marked Easter with an unprecedented message to President Robert Mugabe to end oppression and leave office through democratic reform or face a mass revolt.
As part of their larger project of securing a future majority government, the Harper Conservatives have made democratic reform a priority.
Musharraf, Haqqani writes, used "the MMA as his primary opposition to create the illusion that radical Islamist groups were gaining power through democratic means, thus minimizing the prospect that the international community--especially the United States while Pakistan offers support in the war against al Qaeda--would press for democratic reform."
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