Democratic Party

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the older of two major political parties in the United States

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:His Excellency Shinzo Abe, Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
Ratings of the Democratic Party have not shown much change since July 2006, with between 51% and 57% rating the party favorably over this time.
The gay former congressional candidate says two dozen California Democratic Party leaders tried to force him to drop out of the race for the seat representing California's 24th district.
His opponents called him a "jackass." Later, thanks in large part to political cartoonist Thomas Nast, the donkey became the Democratic Party's symbol.
The DCCC's executive director, John Lapp, says that Moulitsas's model is "a signal event in political history, like the Kennedy-Nixon debates, in how it gets people involved?' And Simon Rosenberg, the president of the centrist New Democratic Network (NDN), says that "frankly I don't think there's anyone who's had the potential to revolutionize the Democratic party that Markos does?' This great faith has put Moulitsas--an extremely smart, irascible, self-contradictory, often petty, always difficult, non-practicing attorney and web programmer with no real political experience--in the position of trying to understand, on the fly, what real power is and how it might be exercised, thrust him into a flailing, wild-eyed and bold solitary venture, trying to turn a website into a movement.
Pasban Democratic Party Sindh senior vice president Rafiq Ahmed Khaskheli said the spell of Waderas in Sindh is now breaking and it is also due to 25 years long struggle of Pasban.
According to him, Obadiah Mailafia of African Democratic Congress (ADC) scored 2, 915 votes, Yabagi Yusuf of African Democratic Party (ADP) polled 1, 262 votes and Donald Duke of Social Democratic Party (SDP), 770 votes.
After Franklin Roosevelt died in harness and a conventional choice for Vice-President, Harry S Truman, took over, the Democratic Party has differed only in nuance from the Republican Party in crafting a society that is becoming more unequal by the day, as indeed are societies in several other countries, including India and Pakistan.
The number of the ruling party had reached almost half a million people, said The People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan headed by President Emomali Rahmon on February 7.
QUETTA: Jamiat Ulema Islam Sami Ul Haq group Balochistan has announced their support for the candidate of Hazara Democratic Party in by-election in the PB 26 Quetta.
Critical Readings on the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan; 4 volume set
The MoU, signed by the Peoples Democratic Party, the Reformed-All Progressives Congress, Social democratic Party and 36 others, states that the 'parties shall promote a positive reaction to the above failures of the present regime and to give hope to all our people.'
WASHINGTON, April 20 (KUNA) -- A lawsuit filed in Manhattan by the Democratic Party alleges Russia, the Donald Trump presidential campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to hurt Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and aid Trump.
The Democratic Party should become a leading socio-political force in Turkmenistan, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in a message to delegates of the 8th Democratic Party Congress, the Turkmen government said in a message Apr.
Synopsis: Americans again have a significantly more positive opinion of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, after the parties were essentially tied in May.
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