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a subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe

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(9) "Demiurgic," the word Coetzee employs to describe a writer in the quote above comes from "demiurge," deriving from Greek demiourgos via ecclesiastical Latin: craftsman.
Such a world-maker must either be a knower of eternal realities like the demiourgos of Plato's Timaeus or it must be the creator ex nihilo of those patterns like the God of Christianity.
Both had, inter alias, (1) theories of endogenous cosmic self-development, as in Epicurean philosophy and familiar to us from Lucretius, on the one hand, and the totally immanent self-originating and self-shaping Dao or Way of Happening in China on the other; and also, alternatively, (2) theories of the shaping of existing matter by some external power like the supernatural demiourgos imagined by Plato which is paralleled by the Chinese Shaping Force or Transformer, the Zaohua, also in the late pre-imperial and early imperial periods.
demiourgos." Joyce alludes to the central figure of Blake's
For Plato, in Timaeus, the Demiourgos constructs the World soul in what comes out as a musical structure of composition.