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do away with the military organization and potential of

remove offensive capability from

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Laurence Gottschalk, who has more than 32 years of experience in the chemical demilitarization field.
The opening sentences of Stephanie Trombley Averill's essay, "Demilitarization and Democracy in the Post-World War II World," evokes what seems a distant historical era when it was "axiomatic" that democracies did not begin wars, and the words demilitarization and democracy were synonymous (p.
India would not make a deal on demilitarization without Pakistan signing a map laying out Indian and Pakistani troop positions before withdrawal.
But demilitarization means more than transferring power and policymaking from the armed forces to elected parliaments.
The first is the program/policy area where we work with OSD (the Deputy for Chemical/Biological Defense and Counter proliferation in DDR&E) and the Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for Chemical Demilitarization.
Washington Demilitarization was slapped with an $8,880 penalty for failing to perform required monitoring of a chemical agent in October 2010.
The chemical demilitarization effort should be completed in about 6 years.
Talks on demilitarization of Siachen have been going on with Pakistan for at least 10 years without any real progress, with the sticking point being India's stand that demilitarization could be put into reality only after both sides authenticate their positions on the map.
The Lightweight Ordnance and Armaments Demilitarization System, or LOADS, is a mobile machine designed to crush or cut inert ordnance and make it acceptable for salvage or recycling, said John J.
As Knight and Keeting write, this is a complex process which involves disarming the warring parties, restoring order, repatriating refugees, providing training for security personnel and technical assistance, de-mining and other forms of demilitarization, monitoring elections, and reforming and strengthening government institutions.
Several inert munitions assets were delivered to the Conventional Maintenance element for scheduled processing and demilitarization.
In April 2001, we reported that the Army Materiel Command's guidance required that 50 percent of the excess conventional ammunition demilitarization budget--a figure for which we did not find any analytical basis--be set aside for commercial firms that use environmentally friendly demilitarization processes.
It is intolerable that your voices are not being raised in favour of demilitarization rather than escalation.