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Synonyms for demilitarize

do away with the military organization and potential of

remove offensive capability from

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"I want to stress that prior to the establishment of the demilitarised zone in Idlib, terrorists controlled 50% of this territory.
Putin also recalled that Russia's Hmeymim air base in Syria has repeatedly had to face attacks launched from the demilitarised zone by terrorists groups.
Beirut [Lebanon], Oct 30 (ANI): Syria's Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on Monday stated that despite the Russian-Turkish agreements to enforce a demilitarised zone (DMZ) in theEe Idlib province, the presence of illegal militant groups armed with heavy ordinance continues to remain in the area.
The group is the first to comply with a requirement to leave a demilitarised buffer zone set up by Turkey and Russia to avert a Russian-backed Syrian army offensive, Rami Abdulrahman, head of the UK-based war monitor told Reuters.
The agreement for the establishment of demilitarised buffer zone about nine to 12 miles wide by Oct.
The mission will be to make sure the demilitarised zone is weapon free and to safeguard the region.
From September 21, 1955, the Egypt/Israel Demilitarised Zone was occupied by Israel armed forces, UN Secretary-General Dag HammarskjE[micro]ld and the Chief of Staff UNTSO had engaged in efforts to secure the implementation of a plan for withdrawal of Israel armed forces and removal of Egyptian Forces from prohibited positions.
It means that the heart of the Korean peninsula is beating again," unification minister Lee Jae-joung said at a ceremony at South Korea's Munsan station, 7.5 miles south of the Demilitarised Zone, before boarding the train.
The most important exception is that Finland should orally ask the 25 Open Skies countries to avoid flying over the Aland Islands as the autonomous area is a demilitarised zone, reported STT-FNB, a Finnish news service.
YUGOSLAVIA moved troops into a tinderbox demilitarised zone on the Croatian border yesterday raising fears of more conflict.
Turkey's defence ministry said on Friday the borders of the demilitarised zone to be set up in Syria's Idlibregion were agreed in meetings with a Russian committee.
13 (ANI): A North Korean soldier defected to South Korea through the Joint Security Area in the demilitarised zone on Monday.
A DEMILITARISED Cyprus within the framework of a solution to the Cyprus problem has been a consistent objective of the Greek Cypriot leadership.