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a class of woman not considered respectable because of indiscreet or promiscuous behavior

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Fie did manage to marry an aristocrat, and the demi-monde of Second Empire society provided unprecedented opportunities for patronage and financial success.
More to the point, Rod Rees's "Demi-Monde" series took me completely by surprise, particularly the first novel "Winter".
It addresses some of the core theoretical issues identified by Janet Beizer in Thinking Through the Mothers while providing an engrossing account of a colorful figure from the demi-monde of late nineteenth-century Paris.
Set in 19th century Paris, the sweeping black drapes and candlelight of Violetta's salon beautifully evoke the demi-monde of the time.
Experience the ultimate in virtual reality: The Demi-Monde is the most advanced computer simulation ever devised.
In the 1950s, he opened the Royal Court Theatre Club, which attracted a typically Clement Freudian mix of establishment and demi-monde types.
IN THE wheeling and dealing demi-monde of pop music promotion, there were few hustlers to match Tam Paton.
The book, which is organized thematically rather than chronologically, includes chapters on the history of the academic model and the praxis of the pose, the unmodest or vulgar model and the intersection of the studio and the demi-monde, and the Jewish and Italian model and ethnic stereotyping.
As Freud and Havelock Ellis were having their way with terms like "penis envy" and "inversion," lesbian sexuality was forced out of the Boston marriage and into the demi-monde. No more "sweet hour of hand in hand." Suddenly, it was a truly bad thing to have a particular friendship.
Clubbers may no longer find themselves rubbing shoulders with the hardcore demi-monde - these days Hollywood's high profile younger crowd spends time here when in New York so it's all a little sanitised - but the district still has club class.
Sartre and Henry Miller and famous for his characterful views of the Parisian demi-monde.
Tarred with the same brush are the familiar denizens of the Indian demi-monde, here associates of the 'clerk'--dishonest merchants, greedy courtesans, playboys, fraudulent ascetics, etc.
She coughs a lot, but they embark on a whirlwind affair amidst the raffish glamour of the bohemian demi-monde. Then they end up at the Belgian border where they have a fight--about what I've never been able to figure out--then head back to Paris, where they reconcile, and Mimi dies.
While McKiernan pens wry poems of wisdom and amusing domesticity, Liddy strives for meditative eloquence amid the bohemian demi-monde.
Originally appearing in French in 1999, The World of Proust, as Seen by Paul Nadar assembles his portraits of "the most prominent Parisian 'beau monde' and 'demi-monde' around the time during which...