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Synonyms for demigod

a person with great powers and abilities

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a person who is part mortal and part god

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In Demi-Gods and Demi-Devils, the swordsmen all prefer notoriety rather than living in anonymity.
Percy is a demi-god, the result of a liaison between Poseidon (Kevin McKidd) and Sally (the excellent Katherine Keener).
During the 1970s this sector will always be associated with the Christmas Special from Morecambe and Wise who assumed demi-god status in the nation's collective heart.
With such a depressing, backdrop, those African-American fathers who elect to be more than a sperm bank become de facto heroes, demi-gods born out of utter desperation.
Bidgood, a former costume designer for Junior League balls in Manhattan, found his metier in Muscle Teens, Demi-Gods, and ether physique magazines, for which he shot erotic stills of slim bodybuilders clad in the same Mardi Gras costumes he'd designed for society matrons--though in rather more revealing postures.
He wrote The Demi-Gods (1914) in this vein, but Deirdre (1923) was constructed in a more formal, rhythmic prose.
No longer can schools operate like small empires presided over by demi-gods who run roughshod over everyone.Additionally, schools are susceptible to external influences where students are incited to protest and force principals or teachers to be thrown out.
Well, yes I am, and if these gods and demi-gods do not like it, well they may ask themselves why?
Teens was quickly followed by releases by Sunderland pop trio Perfect Little Circles, Newcastle indie demi-gods Pale Man Made, quirky alt-rock heroes O'Messy Life and shadowy Teeside ambient artists Rejections.
Escape Into The Park will bring a generous selection of DJ demi-gods from all over the world will turn out for the 11-hour dance marathon in Singleton Park in Swansea on Saturday, June 14, from noon until 11pm.
THIS is an irreverent biopic about double-act Jack Black and Kyle Gass, which takes hilarious liberties with the truth to trace the men's journey from obscurity to musical demi-gods.
They are fiercely loyal, refuse to be dictated to by the music press and gaze at the band as if they were demi-gods.
The sets normally cost pounds 35 but here's your opportunity to win Boro's diminutive demi-gods.
ROYAL recognition for David Beckham - ahead of the obligatory knighthood - provides further evidence that the cult of self publicity demands recognitions for its demi-gods.