Demetrius I

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son of Antigonus Cyclops and king of Macedonia

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This particular interpretation of Demetrius is so negative that it is brought as evidence that his intended readership was fellow Jews, not outsiders, otherwise his "readiness to ascribe social inferiority and also dishonesty to the patriarchs" would be very unusual.
Demetrius is instantly repulsed, but Violet is curious, a trait that leads to terrible tragedy as time goes on.
Fictionally, the scene with Demetrius is the best in the book.
Nominated in the category of Best Tech Manager, Demetrius is honored to be considered for an award that recognizes the leadership skills which have shaped #TeamDragonFire's great company culture.
Having been raised in a family of professional photographers, Demetrius is no stranger to the art and has a knack for catching those perfect shots from various angles.