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(Greek mythology) goddess of fertility and protector of marriage in ancient mythology

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Logicom has acquired 37 million Demetra shares at a price of e1/40.
In her speech, CySEC Chair Demetra Kalogerou also referred to the evolution of the institution during the 20 years of its operation, pointing out the particular importance that the Commission pays to the licensing and supervision of entities with the fair treatment of clients and their full compliance with the regulatory framework strongly imprinted in their values and operating methods.
After Demetra Blinn challenged that ruling, the Fourth District Court of Appeal upheld the invalidation of the will.
More impressive than their garden design skills is the way that Demetra was able to blag all the diggers, plants and turf.
Held in the Archaeology Museum of Komotini, the exhibition, curated by Demetra Bakirtzis, renowned Byzantine archaeologist, displayed four cases of recently excavated glazed medieval pottery parts, dating from the 13-14th century, from ten sites in Thrace, northern Greece.
JASON and Demetra Lindsay love the dramatic setting of their Castle Hedingham in Essex.
Co-producers, Roberta Burrows, Marilyn Haft, Demetra Diamantopoulos, Jessica Levin, Riva Marker.
Any novice who finds most astrology books presume a good degree of prior insight will welcome the more bare-bones Douglas Bloch & Demetra George's ASTROLOGY FOR YOURSELF: A WORKBOOK FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION (0892541229 $19.
Knowledgeably co-authored by astrology experts Douglas Bloch and Demetra George, Astrology For Yourself: How To Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart is a basic introduction to understanding and interpreting a birth chart by applying the principles and metaphysical science of astrology.
Lorrie Stone in Las Vegas; and communications executive Eugene Morris and retired insurance executive Demetra Thomas in Chicago.
Watched by ecstatic wife Demetra, he was even too choked to sing the national anthem with team-mates James Cracknell, Ed Coode and Steve Williams.
The phenomenal success of "Trading Spaces" compelled Springs to sign on as a licensee, according to Demetra Bernard, licensing manager for the company.
Demetra My expensive quartz watch once belonged to JFK (39) Barbara Mandel Watch "Jeopardy," Alex Trebek's tun TV quiz game (37) Peter Mowrey
Demetra Sfendoni-Mentzou also tackles "the always actual question" of what matter is for Aristotle.
To order a copy of the report, contact Demetra Georgakopoulos at 1-800-343-4952, ext.