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a loan that is repayable on demand


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Variable rate demand notes are subject to the borrower's ability to pay interest and principal on a timely basis, market price fluctuation if sold prior to maturity, and the potential lack of marketability which may limit the ability to sell the VRDN quickly enough to prevent or minimize loss.
2,100 POIs have already been given and a demand note for another 1,000 POIs went out yesterday.
While "demand notes" were used by robbers 2,416 times, firearms were used 877 times, the threat of weapons was used 1,764 times and the use or the threatened use of explosive devices was used by robbers 108 times, the FBI reported.
Four Pistols, three hand grenades, few rounds ammunitions, some incriminating documents and demand notes of KLO were also recovered from the terrorists.
In addition to descriptions, photographs, and market valuations, the introduction to the book offers advice for new collectors and information on grading currency, types of currency, storage and care, interest bearing notes, demand notes, legal tender notes, national bank notes, treasury notes, gold and silver certificates, and more.
A Guide Book of United States Paper Money appears in its fourth updated edition to pair a history and price guide under one cover, and describes in detail every federal note from the very rare Demand Notes of 1861 to current paper money.
that it has closed on financing of USD2.4m that comprises of the conversion of USD1.6m of demand notes, issued earlier together with accrued interest and USD750,000 of new funds.
10 June 2011 - S&P on Thursday gave its A+/A-1 rating to the USD7.515m (EUR5.180m) variable-rate demand notes series 2011 of US investment and project management firm Vulcan Inc.
Speaking at the flag-off of the Nigeria Insurance Market Development and Restructuring Initiatives (MIDRI) in Lagos State, the Commissioner for Insurance, Fola Daniel, said the team would for one month each year, carry out nationwide inspection on the properties and organisations, while insurance agents will start to issue compliance demand notes to the citizens and corporate bodies
Demand notes later found at his home had been rejected by Page for not being polite enough.
The Tax Court ruled the advances were not loans because they were unsecured, were demand notes with no fixed maturity date, lacked an unconditional obligation of repayment and would not be repaid unless Indmar recorded a profit.
Dr Rob Barnett, secretary of the local medical committee, said employees who demand notes for short-term illnesses were wasting NHS cash.
Dr Rob Barnett, secretary of the local medical committee, said employers who demand notes for short-term illnesses were wasting NHS cash.
The two sons signed noninterest-bearing demand notes, which had a stated maturity if no demand for payment was made; no collateral or security was required.