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a loan that is repayable on demand


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On a demand loan, the forgone interest and related compensation (i.e., the deemed transfers) are deemed to occur on December 31 each year.
Demand loan. A split-dollar demand loan is due in full upon demand of the employer.
For demand loans, the AFR is the short-term semiannual rate.
In the event of a short year, the computation of forgone interest for demand loans requires that the year be broken down into two semiannual compounding periods.
Demand loans are loans payable in full at any time on the demand of the lender.
The term or type of loan will vary by lending institution; however, in general, these loans are non-committed, demand loans that may be priced with either a fixed rate for a period of time or a variable rate for a revolving line of credit.
Also, if a business that structures long-term debt to improve working capital does get hit with a drop in revenues, it is in a much better position to negotiate new demand loans or arrange alternative forms of short-term financing.
The guidelines, which were announced following endorsement by the Research Commission on the Finance and Banking Systems in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, are designed to protect management independence because parent companies may be tempted to demand loans from banking subsidiaries during business slumps.
Below market loans from a corporation to a shareholder require the imputation of interest generally for all demand loans and all term loans.
The agency also gave a BBB(ind) rating to the company's INR66.8m (USD1.5m/EUR1m) term loans and INR250m corporate loans, BBB(ind)/F3(ind) ratings to its INR1.6bn cash credit/working capital demand loans, as well as a F3 rating to its INR1.05bn letter of credit and INR6bn bank guarantees.
Although the loan documents contained no fixed maturity dates, they were the equivalent of demand loans (which are not uncommon in financing transactions).The initial advances were not evidenced by notes; however, notes were subsequently executed for the years at issue, thereby evidencing a fixed obligation to repay.
1993-24) announced the blended annual rate for 1993 demand loans is 4.16%.
Some of the most common types of debt financing available to the entrepreneur include demand loans, lines of credit, bridge loans, conditional sales purchases and floor financing.