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an airplane with wings that give it the appearance of an isosceles triangle

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1969.Prediction of lift and drag for slender sharp-edge delta wings in ground proximity, NASA TN D-4891.
"The drones we're looking at and trying to develop on our end are Delta wings, which are similar to planes.
He also developed Delta Wings on the White River, widely known as a magnificent waterfowl property.
"I think that's due to not just the power and the manoeuvrability but also the grace of the aircraft, the shape of the aircraft - those beautiful delta wings which, of course, led to so many other engineering innovations in the following years."
On the same day, the Vulcan flew over each of the ten RAF bases where Great Britain's nuclear deterrent aircraft - the V-Force - were based, tipping her giant delta wings to honour those who were ready to give their lives for their country.
She is expected to attract huge crowds and steal the show on the Saturday with the famous howl of her four Olympus jet engines, her startling manoeuvrability and the sight of her magnificent delta wings climbing almost vertically into the sky.