Delphinus delphis

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black-and-white dolphin that leaps high out of the water

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Seasonal distribution and density of common dolphins Delphinus delphis off the south-east coast of Southern Africa.
It is important to note that on mainland Portugal, the harbour porpoise is also known as "toninha" which is a name used in the Azores for many dolphins, especially the common dolphin Delphinus delphis.
Experimental results demonstrated that entanglement rates of short-beaked common dolphins, Delphinus delphis, and California sea lions, Zalophus californianus, were significantly reduced in pingered nets (Barlow and Cameron, 2003).
Select a service contractor to carry out field studies in business 6 "field observations of cetaceans tursiops truncatus, phocoena phocoena and delphinus delphis in bulgarian exclusive economic zone (eez) in the black sea" within the project "field studies of the distribution of species / assess the status of species and habitats throughout the country - i phase "funded under the operational programme" environment 2007-2013 " a detailed description is given in the technical specifications of the contract, an integral part of the documentation.