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TABLE 1 Number of visual and acoustic detections of cetacean groups (and individuals) from the Ewing during the L-DEO survey off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Gulf of Fonseca (a) Species Visual-Only Acoustic-Only Sightings Detections Tursiops truncatus 6 (50) -- Stenella attenuata 5 (38) -- Stenella longirostris -- -- Delphinus delphis 1 (45) -- Delphinus sp.
John Neis and Michael Fulton, M.D., will help guide the company as it develops commercialisation plans for SoftVue, Delphinus' breakthrough whole breast ultrasound system that allows physicians to image the entire breast for diagnostic imaging purposes.
Beringea joins current Delphinus investors Arboretum Ventures and North Coast Technology Investors, as well as new investors Venture Investors, Hopen Life Science Ventures and Waycross Ventures, in the syndicate.
Bigwigs claim her addition to the Delphinus team is pivotal as the company embarks on a large clinical research program in support of regulatory approval for its nonionizing breast cancer screening technology.
We are thrilled with this latest clearance, said Mark Forchette, president and chief executive of Delphinus. Our SoftVue technology presents imaging information in a way never realized previously.
Jebel Al Atlas General Trading LLC (JAGT) has expanded into the seafood market with the launch of its subsidiary, Delphinus Seafood Trading Company (DSTC).
Because each of the many diagnostic periotic bones in the assemblage is from the common dolphin, Delphinus delphis, we assume that this widespread species (genus) is the only delphinid represented." These authors identified the species as D.
Abstract.--Blubber progesterone levels were measured in biopsy samples and used to predict the pregnancy status of 507 female common dolphins (204 long-beaked common dolphins, Delphinus capensis, and 303 short-beaked common dolphins, D.
Another wee constellation, near but not in the Summer Triangle, is Delphinus, the Dolphin.
It is located in Delphinus at RA 20h 23m 30.73s, Dec +20[degrees] 46' 04.1" (2000).
This one is also close enough to be visible to the naked eye, on the edge of the constellation Delphinus the dolphin, and is known as Nova Delphini 2013.
Washington, August 20 ( ANI ): A white-dwarf star has erupted in the constellation Delphinus and has produced a nova that is the brightest since 2007.
The firm used dummy assets to enhance the credit rating to save a deal that structured and sold Delphinus CDO 2007-1.
It is expected to file civil charges against those involved in Delphinus CDO 2007-1, a $1.6 billion mortgage-bond deal, including Mizuho Financial Group, the Japanese bank that underwrote and sold it.
The M/V Delphinus sails Saturdays to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala via the above-mentioned ports, said Charlie Dominguez, VP of sales for Crowley's Latin America services.