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(Greek mythology) the oracle at Delphi where a priestess supposedly delivered messages from Apollo to those who sought advice

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'Everything in due time and place' would be a helpful crib on the Delphic Oracle's advice.
And, yes, traditional folk roots inform White Birds, News For The Delphic Oracle and dream-like fi-nale The Faery's Last Song, which fades to a haunting vocal lost in the wind.
The use of a contemporary, rather than historic, style in the dialogue together with plenty of action and the inclusion of fascinating historical details on subjects ranging from Spartan fighting methods and the Delphic oracle to the plague and Greek medicine should make it accessible and appealing to boys and girls of 11 upwards.
The Delphic Oracle, one of the best-known and most prolific forecasting businesses in history, provided a full millennium of unbroken pronouncement between 700 B.C.
Tiresias has been a priest to the Pythia at the Delphic Oracle. Like a psychoanalyst, he has lived by interpretation.
12 Which city was, according to myth, founded by Cadmus, following the instructions of the Delphic Oracle, where a sacred cow lay to rest?
By this winter, she had become so thoroughly enamored with her boss that she seemed to have begun believing she was Hillary, or at least that she was like the Delphic oracle channeling Hillary, telling reporters, "When I'm speaking, Hillary is speaking."
Aegeus is on the way back from asking the Delphic oracle to suggest a cure for his childlessness, and on the way to Troezen to see his friend Pittheus about its meaning (674-88):
This makes sense because prophecy has typically been the preserve of religion since the days of the Delphic Oracle and before.
For example, Socrates preached, `Know thyself.' Yet the Delphic Oracle told him that he was the wisest of men because he knew, at least, that he didn't know.
Husserl famously concludes his Cartesian Meditations with an echo of Socrates and an echo of the Delphic Oracle, reminding us that phenomenology is part of a long line of thinking that is also a doing.
Why does he put so much emphasis on the interpretation scene by distorting and even inverting the patterns that Delphic oracle stories normally follow?
The Delphic Oracle, the highest religious authority in the world--and also a woman--went underground to inhale laurel leaves before offering her predictions.
Classical Athens and the Delphic oracle; divination and democracy.
Classical Athens and the Delphic Oracle: Divination and Democracy.