United States Postal Service

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an independent federal agency that provides mail processing and delivery service for individuals and businesses in the United States

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It also hopes to streamline document processing and delivery confirmation toward fast-tracking billing and collections.
Delivery confirmation is sent to the blood bank in real time via a mobile PDA or a wall-mounted device providing a delivery receipt, much like those received with overnight mail shipments.
UPS Delivery Confirmation, Signature Required, and Adult Signature Required: increase of 25 cents; and
In addition, the solution automatically ties USPS tracking and Delivery Confirmation numbers to sales orders, invoices and customer records, providing visibility into the shipment process and enabling users to examine a customer's purchase history.
Put delivery confirmation or tracking on all packages.
* With a 5-digit or finer tray, put in one piece of Delivery Confirmation (must use a small box piece) in the tray.
Intranet links between the two companies provide order processing, inventory management, a long with despatch and delivery confirmation.
Selected Rate Changes Mail Type Current Price New Price First-Class Letter (1 oz.) $0.34 $0.37 Postcard $0.21 $0.23 Priority Mail (1 lb.) $3.50 $3.85 Express Mail (.5 lb, next day and 2nd day) $12.45 $13.65 Fee and Service Changes Mail Type Current Price New Price Certified Mail $2.10 $2.30 Delivery Confirmation for Priority Mail $0.40 $0.45 Insurance up to $50 $1.10 $1.30 Insurance, $50.01 to $100 $2.00 $2.20 Return Receipt $1.50 $1.75 Post Office Box (semi-annual tee) $10.00 $12.00
DPMS will provide intransit visibility, shipment tendering, document preparation, optimized routing, delivery confirmation, carrier performance tracking, and rating and billing.
I sent the package by Priority Mail, fully insured, and paid extra for a Delivery Confirmation Receipt.
* Delivery confirmation. An advantage of traditional shipping methods is confirmation that material was sent and received.
Delivery confirmation and user acknowledgment features will accompany the service.
When the message is retrieved, the sender receives delivery confirmation noting the time and date the message was opened, as well as the digital identification of the recipient's computer.
Postal Service business products, shipping services and supplies, online stamp purchases, tracking and delivery confirmation and other information are available.
IME includes encryption- based security and password protection, real-time tracking and delivery confirmation. Evidently pleased with the performance of the service, UPS has decided to take a stake in the company that made it possible.
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