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English composer of orchestral works (1862-1934)

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Giorgio Colli & Mazzino Montinari (Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, & Berlin: de Gruyter, 1988)with passages arranged according to Delius. Text references are given in the form '268/24-6', that is, page 268, lines 24-6, and appear at the end of the relevant passage.
The 'Delius' signature was dropped after the second number as part of a conceit that the presidency of the club had changed hands.
The incidents recalled are over-simple and tinged with Amis's personal taste for the mild and formless music of Debussy and Delius. Although the words used, apart from the preposterous 'reminiscential' and 'cross-referential', contain few syllables and certainly nothing figurative, and although Amis is liberal in cliches ('groan inwardly', 'the art of the possible', 'adult situation') the passage is, even in its context, almost incomprehensible.
Subsequent research has shown that one of these models, based on Luce's (1959) beta operator and involving only two free parameters, is indeed quite successful in emulating a varied set of relevant data (Siemann, 1993, 1994; Siemann & Delius, 1994; Werner, Koppl, & Delius, 1992).
In fact Delius's Legende, for violin and orchestra, was premiered on disc in 1984 by Ralph Holmes with Vernon Handley conducting.
Delius is also a part of the mysteriously-named Available Jelly.
Interesting character, Delius. He was born in Bradford in 1862 and christened Fritz.
"I don't think I'll be wearing peach at the Proms!" The violinist's love of Delius stretches back to her childhood when her parents would play the Bradford-born composer's recorded works at home.
Madrigalchor, who come from the Buer district of Gelsenkirchen, will perform in The Waters of Tyne and Ruhr, a collection of music by Schtz, Mendelssohn, Philips, Delius, and Grainger together with traditional English and German songs.
Twenty years ago Tasmin Little recorded the Delius Violin and Cello Concerto with Raphael Wallfisch and the RLPO under Sir Charles Groves.
The Copyright Committee held one open session in Moscow at which Helen Faulkner gave a presentation on copyright in the music of the music of Frederick Delius. This demonstrated some of the complexity and variation that exists in copyright laws in a number of territories including Europe, USA, and Japan.
But if you don't manage to win the SP9 we also have a Delius and four Tangos up for grabs for the runners-up.
While spring and summer sang; Thomas Beecham and the music of Frederick Delius.
Under the leadership of Emil Hertzka, UE began publishing the music of such early twentieth-century composers as Bela Bartok, Frederick Delius, Leos Janacek, Ernst Krenek, Gustav Mahler, Karol Szymanowski and Kurt Weill.